Charles Leaver and Cybersecurity’s Future

Charles LeaverTo say that Charles Leaver is bullish on the future of cybersecurity is a bit of an understatement. He understands that every piece of connected technology creates a new opportunity for hackers, which brings a new opportunity for those who counter all hacking attempts. Chuck Leaver is certain, for example, that the looming revolution represented by the “Internet of Things” will bring many new and exciting opportunities for security innovators. As the CEO of cybersecurity giant Ziften, Charles Leaver believes his company is poised to meet the next phase of the technological revolution head on.

He hasn’t always been a security guru. In fact, it’s likely Charles Leaver was pulled into the cybersecurity business when he owned and operated several technologically superior lottery systems in South America, Asia and Europe. Over time, Chuck has proven himself to be one of a kind when it comes to every aspect of tech and cyber security. He has done everything in the technology sector and when it comes to bringing new technologies to market and making money with them, Charles Leaver is unmatched. he has obtained many secure patents for new technological breakthroughs and he has been able to implement many extremely complex business plans. Not only that, but he has raised lots of capital and built out innovative, cutting-edge organizations from scratch.