Charles Lever

Charles Lever has had a 30 year career as an entrepreneur not to mention building relationships in the media and high technology arenas, he is also the CEO of Ziften Technologies. He specialises in conceiving and implementing intricate and profitable business plans and also executing high end business acquisitions. Based in Austin, Texas Charles or as he is also known Chuck Lever has vast experience out of America also, with business ties to Europe, South America, Central America and throughout Asia. He also has interests in the gaming industry, having mobile phone gaming and a mobile phone lottery businesses in Brazil.

Chuck Lever is sought after by many organisations to advise on the expansion of their business. As a consultant, he is second to none with his vast knowledge of what is current and slated for future growth.

Cyber security is a main focus of Ziften Technologies and they have recently secured a big bundle of funding to further develop these strategies. Charles Lever admits that cyber vulnerabilities are across many areas, apps, devices and users all contribute to a lax in cyber security, this is where Ziften will be spending their funding. From relatively humble tech beginnings in 1982 Chuck Lever has certainly made a name for himself in the often, very competitive world of advancing technologies. He has and will remain a business figure to pay attention to.