Chuck Leaver Believes in Cybersecurity

Charles LeaverEveryone in the tech industry knows Charles Leaver for his role as one of the most knowledgeable people in the business of cybersecurity. Such a high level of expertise comes out of his extensive experience in nearly every area of the tech sector, as well as his enviable experience teaching companies how to be secure in their technological innovation. Chuck Leaver cut his teeth on cybersecurity when he owned and operated a number of technologically advanced lottery systems throughout the world.

Whatever the reason, Charles Leaver is considered one of the best in the cybersecurity business. He didn’t start out in the security business, of course. In order to know how to make systems secure, it is necessary to know how they work in the first. Over the years, Chuck has developed a strong reputation in many areas, including application software and infrastructure technologies, application development and gaming. Practically the entire tech sector regards him highly because he has proven himself as someone with an innate ability to push companies into new markets, pushing the edge of technology.