Cybersecurity Expert Chuck Leaver

Charles LeaverIf there is one thing the entire tech industry knows very well, it is that Charles Leaver is among the most knowledgeable and highly skilled cybersecurity experts in the entire industry. The knowledge he has gained comes from his experience. That experience encompasses virtually every area of the technology sector and it is extensive in every area. Among the areas he is most expert in include application software and infrastructure technologies, but it also includes extensive application development and gaming.

Virtually the entire tech sector considers Charles Leaver to be something of a guru when it comes to pushing companies into new markets. His innate ability to push to the nest technological frontier is the key to doing that consistently, and he is able to do that. Chuck began to earn his sterling reputation as a cybersecurity expert when he owned, operated and managed a number of technologically sophisticated lottery systems all over the world. These days, because he is considered to be the best by so many, his optimism about the future is catching on.

There are many reasons why Charles Leaver thinks the future of the cybersecurity is good. For one thing, where many people see massive hacking as a threat, Chuck often sees opportunity. If there is a threat, his industry will find it and address it. And in the near future, the coming “Internet of Things” will almost certainly create lots of new opportunities for the best innovators. He believes that Ziften, the company for which he serves as CEO, is poised to lead the entire industry into the next phase of the technological revolution.